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Amy D. Montague Ph.D.
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Memoir of my recent stroke (PDF)

I am a licensed psychologist and I specialize in child and family therapy, including a specialization in adolescent issues and young children.  Because I am recovering from a massive right brain stroke; I now feel uniquely qualified to see stroke victims.  My approach to therapy is from a developmental perspective and I do well with challenging cases.

I work with families and individual family members in the form of family therapy sessions, domestic violence issues, depressive disorders, anxiety and conduct disorders in children and adolescents.  I utilize psycho dynamic and behavioral cognitive techniques. 

I no longer accept insurance for the simple reason that it compromises your privacy.   For years I accepted Insurance and found that the insurance company often questioned the authenticity of my therapy and wanted a summary of my private notes to verify the charges, this clearly affected the privacy of my clients.  Also I worked for insurance before I became a psychologist and I know that employers have access to diagnosis and how often their employee uses psychological services which in my opinion also violates patient doctor confidentiality.  Therefore I have decided to stop taking insurance so that I can offer the ultimate in patient doctor confidentiality.  

I am currently preparing to open a new practice in Newport Beach near Fashion Island. The location of this new practice is important for anonymity of patients who do not want the appearance of seeking psychological help; it also provides additional motivation to make and keep appointments. Currently, I offer my personal living room at my private home. I also offer house calls and phone sessions if requested.

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